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finally watching all the extended versions of LOTR, cannot believe the awesomeness I am experiencing. This movie is amazing, and there is so much blatant Merry/Pip Pip/Gandalf awesomeness! and more funny bits.


it is a pretty, pretty snowflake. thanks, zillahseye!

Hey livejournal!

Happy Thanksgiving! I may have gotten started on this a litte early, but i have some resolutions. They're all pretty intangible, but one of them includes not being such a whiny silent hermit and be more friendly, so hi! I will definitely start being a more active member of my flist. :) i like you guys! and internet befriending should not carry any less responsibility than RL befriending.

your Thanksgivings sounded both delightful and amazing, as was mine. I went to Scranton, PA for the first time to a family friend's lovely house instead of the Wilkes 2.No tradition of Awkward Silence and Boston Market night, so i had a lovely time. There were babies and dogs and stuffing and ham and the most adorable and good real family gathering i've been a part of since very early childhood. And a treehouse such as i would have never believed i would ever grace the branches of.

It was glorious.

and if i can just work my butt off for the next three weeks, i can take a nice long break. I'm looking forward to taking the time to settle into these resolutions. there're kind of a lot of them. :L

a request

for anyone on my flist that draws fanart(oh hai, provetheworst), or know someone who draws fanart, please draw me a cartoon of Frank Iero as the sixty-five year old, cane-using, supercrazyawesome grandpa that encourages kids to watch horror movies and listen to his super-old CDs and is pudgy and wears sweater vests and caps. and jepha is his spry boyfriend, with a white pony-tail and superfancy shoes and wooden gauges.

oddly enough, this gave me that idea.

mais qui. sil vous plait. merci, au revior

please, let me show you the grapefruit


ETA: featuring dancing grandma's:

today, i saw a squirrel humping a tree.

Tommy: humping a tree?

18:53Maia: it was the most excellent thing i have seen all month

18:53Tommy: where was this

18:54Maia: in the side path between the tech center and Anderson. guess he/she wanted privacy

18:57Tommy: maaaaybe they are in love

18:58Maia: :D:D :D:D :D:D that makes a lot of sense to me
they could be in love

18:59Tommy: all of nature IS connected

maybe squirrels communicate with trees

19:00Maia: hmm. so when trees drop acorns and then squirrels then go and bury them, they're making babies?

19:01Tommy: yes exactly

19:01Maia: huh

19:02Tommy: acorns are tree babies

they dont eat them they bury them to grow

well keep them warm in the winter

19:03Maia: thats a little like seahorses

19:03Tommy: i suppose

19:04Maia: what with the dad seahorses carrying the kids around and all

only there's cheek pouches instead

19:04Tommy: like kangaroos

19:05Maia: yes!

19:05Tommy: only not alive just the tree eggs

19:06Maia: it really makes sense i mean they even live together

well, one lives in the other one

19:07Tommy: nature is amazing.

19:08Maia: it really is.
hooooly fuck kids. if you ever drop acid, do not take two tabs.

i meant to post this earlier


I cannot remember the last time i was so preemptively excited about the fanfic that would come out of a bandom event.

but Patrick took up the scandalous slack for me!


RIP standards

but, best weekend ever.

oh well.


went to see snoop dogg on friday. He had people spray the crowd with champagne, which, awesome.

And Stephen Marley? Yeah. I have no idea how old the dude is, and he has terrible fashion sense, and i want to jump his bones. i don't even know. (And he had this cute 4-year-old on stage with him waving a Jamaican flag! this is something i can get behind, regardless of my wanting to bang him). His set was awesome too.

But Slightly Stoopid fans live up to their name,(except more than slightly). I have no idea why Marley and Snoop went on tour with them, their fans are annoying douches.