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Hey livejournal!

Happy Thanksgiving! I may have gotten started on this a litte early, but i have some resolutions. They're all pretty intangible, but one of them includes not being such a whiny silent hermit and be more friendly, so hi! I will definitely start being a more active member of my flist. :) i like you guys! and internet befriending should not carry any less responsibility than RL befriending.

your Thanksgivings sounded both delightful and amazing, as was mine. I went to Scranton, PA for the first time to a family friend's lovely house instead of the Wilkes 2.No tradition of Awkward Silence and Boston Market night, so i had a lovely time. There were babies and dogs and stuffing and ham and the most adorable and good real family gathering i've been a part of since very early childhood. And a treehouse such as i would have never believed i would ever grace the branches of.

It was glorious.

and if i can just work my butt off for the next three weeks, i can take a nice long break. I'm looking forward to taking the time to settle into these resolutions. there're kind of a lot of them. :L