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it is all for *research*, okay?

in other words, i have been enabling myself fairly constantly all this week in the name of this wereAnimal story that i guess i have to admit i am writing now.

This means endless hours researching Big Cat species on Wikipedia and watching hours of animal videos on YouTube and looking up just embarrassing amounts of androgynous male models of various mixed ethnicity, (often wearing make-up, heels, or Not Very Much At All, like here.).

and now i find myself in need of reading a whole bunch of Friendly Mutual Masturbation fic, and Friends That Are Also In Love fic.

so, i mean. Yeah, my week's gone pretty well. :)

obsession is my first name

but no, i cannot befriend my boss on facebook just to stalk his friend.

i may not have morals, but goddammit i have standards.

philadelphia freedom!

today was a very philadelphia day. It was raining this morning at 8am when i started helping my sister and 400 other volunteers build a playground at 47th and Sansom, but then it was just overcast by the time i headed to work for the Mural Arts Program.

Only apparently some protesters in wheelchairs had gotten onto the tracks at 30th street station and were refusing to move, so there was all kinds of crazed confusion with SEPTA. but then i finally got to work! and had fun painting murals until 3, when i walked about ten blocks to catch the bus and bypass any residual craziness back to the playground site, and man man man does it look awesome!

if you find yourself to be in West Philadelphia any time soon, go check it out. it was all put together in one day after two years of sweat, tears and planning on the part of my sister, and now we're just waiting for the rubber matting to be put down, and then kids can play on it! it is really beautiful.

And then i got a cheesesteak because duh, and a water-ice because i always get Celebratory Water-Ice from the store with the friendly Asian family, because they are really nice and plus you can get a huge 16oz water-ice with two flavors for only 1.75.


and its all sunny and temperate now!

good lord this city is great.

also, wtf?

i have just spent the last five hours of google and wikipedia researching canids and big cats for a WereAnimal story i didn't even decide i am writing yet.

i mean, cool, its better than watching another six episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but.

seriously, what?

thoughts on traffic while on my balcony

every time i see the 42 bus, i give it the finger.

or at least, every time i am not getting on it.

Its such a useful bus for me; it goes straight down the length of philadelphia into center city, i can catch the subway really easily from one of its stops, and i really like taking the buss more than the subway,(as long as being on time isn't an issue). But its such a bastard too. i have never met a more finnicky mode of transportation than bus travel, especially the 42. i don't know what it is. they're drivers are usually nice, (but then again most bus drivers period in philadelphia are nice) but their timing is, maybe because of the long route, ridiculous. i cannot describe the amount of times i've walked halfway to my destination by the time a 42 catches up to me. or the number of times i've been early, gone into a store to window shop while i wait, and come out exactly as a 42 was pulling out. Of course, whenever i don't need one its like they're everywhere, portly and asthmatic in their trundling up and down Spruce/Walnut/Chestnut loudly announcing their function with every stop. Even at 3am.

But i will continue taking it until my sister moves, because one of its stops is literally right in front of her house. which is damned more convenient than the el sometimes, six blocks away from my house through a busy area where people always hit on me. Sometimes you just want to take the bus, you know?

Comparatively, its hassle free. And you meet nicer people on the bus.dunno what's up with that.

I saw one just now on its way to 69th. a car passed in front of it at the intersection and the driver beeped, a fast little toot toot! of sound. at first i thought the car was running the red light, but its answering beep was just as cheerful and friendly. I guess when people are being sociable they beep in a rhythm, whereas when they mean business they just lean on the motherfucker.

anyway, told you bus drivers are nice.

there must be fic for this

saw the fast and the furious (original) last night. was overwhelmed by the amount of gay, (especially with the comparatively lukewarm "love" scenes between Dom's sister and Brian, compared to all of Dom and Brian's heart to hearts and inside jokes and "i gotta show you something"s).

there has got to be some fast and furious fic! look at that alliteration! LOOK AT THAT HOMOEROTICISM!

i am on the hunt. for fast cars, and faster, (sometimes overly muscled) boys.

Ps. Did you know that Vin Diesel plays D&D? he's been playing it for 20 years, according to his wiki.


As part of my summer job i have to go around getting quotes from people of various ages, colors, creeds, etc, asking them a question about love. This is the most annoying thing anyone could have asked me to do, but money is money. But i am shy! So can everyone take this poll and then comment with your name, (or a fake name, I don't care) and age?

THANKYOU SO MUCH! You are saving me from having to talk to RL strangers in public places!

Poll #1428484 About Love

What is your favorite kind of love (friendship, family, sexual, etc.) and why?

I have fallen in love...

But it was unrequited
Many times.
many times, but always platonically
with the person i am currently in a relationship. we are still together
with someone, but we are no longer together

I think love is...

a myth.
a ridiculous myth.
hurtful, and not worth it.
hurtful, but worth it
wonderful, amazing, great. Its what i love for.
great, but not all there is to relationships.
okay, but i would rather just have sex and sanity
a feeling i have yet to experience.

so much upheaval!

its been in everything except maybe politics lately! From the weird and unexpected deaths of all the famous people to the break-up of Panic (which i have no comment on, seriously. They stayed mostly fictional in my life and that's how i liked it. I liked their music when i heard it, but i didn't actively pursue it. I can imagine how i would feel if MCR or the Used broke up though, so my condolences to all those on my flist who are really upset) and the Torchwood Writing-Wank (which i DO care about. I have not seen any of it since Tosh died because i stopped downloading it, but i have been faithfully checking up on bexless to see what's up and JESUS CHRIST WHAT ARE THEY DOING OVER THERE), there's been some major shit going on.

and now i am supposedly fighting with a friend who loves to make a big deal out of everything. It is enough to make me want to hole up with library books and Dan Savage podcasts until the world makes sense again.

But that would be giving in. So today i did a metric fuckton of winter laundry that i had put in plastic bags and left to fester for two months, then got celebratory water-ice, which i am now working my way through, deliciously.

how is everybody? i hope you're all doing fine and not getting thrown curve-balls from life. If you are, go get some water-ice. I guarantee you it will cheer you up, at least a little bit. :)

in other news, my menstrual cycle usually gives me happily vivid sex dreams, and this month's are all about bondage. I may have been reading too much Savage Love, but i really can't find it in myself to complain. :)
Have some Timon and Pumba!

my life, ladies and gents.

So, i finally met those cute and extremely well-dressed neighbors that i may have mentioned earlier,( and if i didn't, i should have). How?

Oh just wait for itCollapse )