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today, i saw a squirrel humping a tree.

Tommy: humping a tree?

18:53Maia: it was the most excellent thing i have seen all month

18:53Tommy: where was this

18:54Maia: in the side path between the tech center and Anderson. guess he/she wanted privacy

18:57Tommy: maaaaybe they are in love

18:58Maia: :D:D :D:D :D:D that makes a lot of sense to me
they could be in love

18:59Tommy: all of nature IS connected

maybe squirrels communicate with trees

19:00Maia: hmm. so when trees drop acorns and then squirrels then go and bury them, they're making babies?

19:01Tommy: yes exactly

19:01Maia: huh

19:02Tommy: acorns are tree babies

they dont eat them they bury them to grow

well keep them warm in the winter

19:03Maia: thats a little like seahorses

19:03Tommy: i suppose

19:04Maia: what with the dad seahorses carrying the kids around and all

only there's cheek pouches instead

19:04Tommy: like kangaroos

19:05Maia: yes!

19:05Tommy: only not alive just the tree eggs

19:06Maia: it really makes sense i mean they even live together

well, one lives in the other one

19:07Tommy: nature is amazing.

19:08Maia: it really is.


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Oct. 4th, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
I have sadly never seen a squirrel humping a tree. I have, however, seen a squirrel with testicles so large that he walked funny. He used to fearlessly walk up onto the porch of my house while my housemates and I were sitting there. We named him Balls.
Oct. 6th, 2009 02:25 pm (UTC)
O_O what. ?!?! hahhahaaaaaaaa, i don't know what it says about me that i would have loved to see that. and probably blog about him.

i can imagine that that much testosterone and, for lack of a better noun, swagger in a squirrel must have been a sight to see. Squirrels are already death-defying insanicus ninja animals, jeez.
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